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Originally Posted by RFork View Post
I use a Bushbuddy Ultra, and I love it. Fantastic stove. It is a bit heavier than an alcohol stove on short trips, but I enjoy not having to go buy denatured alcohol for it.

What type of insulation are you using for the hammock?
On my frontcountry experience, for bottom insulation, I used Gossamer Gear's 1/4" Evazote Foam pad. My DD hammock is double layer so the pad inserted between the layers and at 39" wide was easy to stay on top of. For top insulation I used a GoLite RS 1+ quilt, which has been my "summer bag" for several seasons. Combined, the pad and quilt weigh in at 2 lbs, 5 ounces. This certainly isn't ultralight by today's standards, but my first thermarest alone weighed more. It actually made it down to 41 the 3rd night and I stayed quite warm.

For the October trip, depending on forecast I might bring a MH Ultralamina 32 bag instead of the quilt for a bit more warmth at the expense of 6 ounces.

If after several seasons I still really like the hammock camping thing, I will probably switch to an underquilt. UQs are often sized to the specific hammock though, and the double layer hammock body is no longer is necessary to hold the insulation in place. I will probably replace my hammock before getting an underquilt for that reason..

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