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Color has very little to do with to lure selection. It's action and size is what you should be using to dictate fly/lure choice. The Cumberland River Striper are used to eating Skipjack and Shad and when available Trout.

Should we also start slitting open the bellies of the big Clinch Browns? What exactly do you think they are eating?? Fingerling on up to stocker sized Trout perhaps... Caught my largest Caney Fork Brown on a Brown Trout wiggle minnow. FWIW, I didn't cut it's belly open and spill out all the Trout it had eaten.

I've done my best to speak in a non confrontational manner on this forum. For some reason my posts are getting edited in a manor that is leading me to believe my "opinion" is not inline with those who own and operate this forum. With that I'll refrain from further comment out of respect.
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