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Mike, I don't want anyone to stay out of the conversation. By the same token, I'd like for this not to turn into WWIII here. I've edited your posts, as well as those of others, to remove flat-out in-your-face challenges or to add in language that eliminates stating opinions as fact.

Please, I beseech you all, keep this civil. You know, it's not hard. Please, everyone, read this site rule:

6. Please reread your posts before you post them.

This should go without saying, but you might be surprised. Seriously, read your post before you post it. Think about how it reads to others, and whether it's relevant to the topic. Also, it is not cool to be intentionally offensive. Don't do it. It's also not cool to be sarcastic, "joke around" or any other form of language in order to provoke someone. Don't do it.

If you feel you are provoked, DO NOT respond. This will make you equally wrong. Instead, contact the administrator of the board or report the post via the "report post" button.

Thank you.

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