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Originally Posted by No Hackle View Post
I've read reports that striper will follow bait anywhere. Even when the bait goes into level of water that does not have enough oxygen for their survival. The bait will stay in this level not to get eatin and in turn die from lack of oxygen. The stripers will follow suit with their focus on eating them and in turn die also. Their focus is one thing, eating. Trout have much more protein.I believe where oyu have trout and shad the striper will pick the trout everytime.
I have a friend who striper fishes. He does great with shad patterns @ Ft.Loudon Dam but when he fishes Tellico below the dam and down stream he only does well on rainbow lures especially the larger fish.I think the proof is in the pudding.
No Hackle, they may very well do that in places but you would think if that happened here in my home lake you would have dead Striper turning up commonly in the areas that these fish run shallow after the shad every evening. It's not the case, at least not here. You rarely see a dead Striper roll up, but commonly see catfish floating up. Not sure why but I figured they must tolerate the low O2 and hot water fairly well. It would be interesting to know for sure but I suppose each body of water holds it's own unique set of criteria and so the fish may react a little differently.
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