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Originally Posted by Mike_Anderson View Post
This is fact. So does that mean the Striper follow large schools of Trout from MH up into the Clinch?

A good analogy to this would be next time your starving give a marathon runner a prime rib and at the some time give 10,000 school kids a hamburger. Now try to catch the runner for your steak dinner. Bet you end up eating a hamburger.

I've spent the last 12 years studying and learning the habits of these fish. That they encounter Trout is purely coincidental. They are going through the same migration movements that nature imprinted on them from the beginning. I understand the concern but again you have to consider that these fish have proven to co exist in other tailwaters where Trout thrived (again I use Cumby as a prime example). There are as many who enjoy fishing for Striper as there are people who enjoy Trout fishing. Both are stocked. There has to be a happy median. Advocating slaughtering of any non invasive fish so that we might enjoy "sportfishing" for another is irresponsible at best, [in my opinion].
Mike, again I will try and inform you that there is no comparison between the rivers you frequent and the Clinch. Apples and oranges.

Your rivers are long diverse rivers , the clinch is not either.
Your rivers have gazillions of shad to offer alternate food sources, the Clinch has only trout.
Your rivers are stocked with stripers or the lakes downstream are, the Clinch is not nor is Melton Hill.

I think the lack of understanding lies in the lack of knowledge you possess with regards to the Clinch. Don't take that as a shot, it is not meant that way, I state that because it would be easy to assume the Clinch is similar to other rivers where the two species coexist. Simply stated the two cannot because of he lack of forage.

I wish things were different as I am almost exclusively catch and release except for a few spring crappie and Clinch stripers. I love the species, but hate their presence in 13 select miles of river. Everywhere they are fine and should be released .
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