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Mr. Anderson,
I respect your point of view and the fact you took the time to explain your viewpoint. I appreciate your input about striper and the information about other rivers in TN that have striper. However; I agree with Waterwolf in discerning the Clinch tailwater as a unique, cold-water, river. I believe there are differences in the characteristics of the Clinch River that separate it from other tailwaters in TN that contain striper. Maybe we could expand on this topic by looking at this subjectively(?) Are there differences in fishing techniques for striper on the Clinch? Is the catch-rate, size, and fishing calendar similar to other striper rivers?

I believe the increase in striper presence has been due to longer-low flow periods and water conditions that induce striper to feed/habitat in the upper tailwater. Fortunately; I believe this is cyclical and will remedy itself when the river is operated with a regular flow of CFS rates throughout the year. My only worry is that TVA's data is historical and they have changed their winter pool levels in the past decade. This will make it challenging for them to forecast Spring and Summer flows. Well; at-least until they get many years of data to increase the accuracy.

I agree that big brown trout eat trout as well. However; their physiological structure inhibits the amount of feeding they can perform. I believe the daily feeding rate of trout is about half of striper. (0.5 to 1.8% vs. 3.0-4.0% striper/ percent of body weight): suggested maintenance feeding rates for raising fish in ponds. Striper seem to have a gorging feeding behavior and can really impact the trout habitat of a short-tailwater like the Clinch River. I know very little about striper from a scientific view or as an experienced angler. Most of my opinions are based on river interactions and casual knowledge of the fish. So; I appreciate your input and respect your passion for supporting striper fishing. Also; I hope you can see that you are discussing a controversial topic on a fly fishing forum.
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