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Originally Posted by Bran View Post
This is the one bad thing about a forum, just like an email, you can't hear my tone so I think I sounded rude or condescending to you. Nothing could be further from the truth. I was just throwing it out that I don't see any dead but it certainly could be true what you read. I'm an electrical engineer, fishing is just my hobby, I wouldn't try to assert that I know anything more than you. To the contrary I can probably learn a lot from you. I'm definitely not arguing, just curious and trying to fuel the conversation. That's all. Please accept my apology if I came across that way, I'm one of those people that doesn't meet a stranger and tries not to upset anyone. Cheers!!
Bran you didnt come off as rude to me. I appreciate everyones opinion and respect it. I won't accept your apology because none was needed, but thank you. I do agree with you that alot of things come off the wrong way through typed messages.
As far as you lerning from me, I think we can use this forum to learn period. You can take ten fisherman to the same fish and they'll all catch it ten different ways. Thats whats great about our sport.
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