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Originally Posted by mattblick View Post
Hey Joe, I have heard all of that before! I actually had a friend insist I try his WM bag for a night. Your word "luxury" is right on the spot. To be honest, before I started looking into hammocks, a WM bag was at the top of my wish list.

The loft the bag provides under you is one of the best parts of a down bag and the luxury factor. In the hammock context however, an underquilt, as the name sort of implies goes under the hammock, and that luxury is all but lost. The thick loft below the hammock still does wonders to block out both convective heat loss and drafts, but you don't get to sleep "on" the down. Splash up is also an issue with underquilts - you hang not far above the ground with the tarp covering you, but frequently splash from the raindrops that hit ground still make it up to the bottom of the UQ. As a down bag user you certainly know the issues with getting the down wet, particularly frequently. So underquilt users now often carry waterproof breathable covers to protect the underquilt - but this then negates a big chunk of the weight savings provided by the down vs synthetic.

So today I started researching ways to maximize the charging potential of that USB plug on the Biolite. I found a really cool little charger that weighs a few ounces and will recharge my 16340 (CR123A) and 18650 flashlight batteries from that port.

Loft is lost regardless when you lay on down. I am a quilt user on the ground for that reason. The down below you body does nothing in terms of warmth. Also, almost all (I cannot think of any that would not operate this way) UQ will have an excellent water resistant shell. You would be very surprised at how much water they can hold back. I have tested scraps of .9, 1.1., and maybe .7 in very rudimentary tests by holding them under the faucet. They hold back water very well for an uncoated material.
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