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Originally Posted by joe a View Post
All good points Matt. I do sleep in a Hammock, but do not yet use an underquilt; instead I just use a cell-foam pad in the hammock. I am sure I will change my tune one day when I have the misfortune of getting the bag wet, but so far so good.
Originally Posted by RFork
Loft is lost regardless when you lay on down. I am a quilt user on the ground for that reason. The down below you body does nothing in terms of warmth. Also, almost all (I cannot think of any that would not operate this way) UQ will have an excellent water resistant shell. You would be very surprised at how much water they can hold back. I have tested scraps of .9, 1.1., and maybe .7 in very rudimentary tests by holding them under the faucet. They hold back water very well for an uncoated material.
The Gossamer closed cell foam pad was just soo much easier and inexpensive for me for bottom insulation. Joe, I'm sure you won't have too much problem keeping that nice WM bag dry inside the hammock, especially since you have the foam under you. Is your hammock single or double layer? The pervasive complaints on about pads are sliding off of them because they were too narrow or they fell out between the bag and hammock. My plan in getting the double layer hammock was to not have to worry about securing the pad or rolling off of it. When I saw the 39" wide GG pad - problem solved! The only prevalent complaint about the GG pads was that they were "sticky" if you slept directly on them; not an issue with the DL hammock. :-)

Perhaps if I become one of those crazy folks like Shug who hammock sleeps in sub zero weather I will look at an underquilt - but the 11 ounce GG pad does the trick at 1/4 to 1/5 the cost of the UQ.

I am reminded of this quote as I replied on a couple of blogs today that criticized the Biolite -- I am certain that UQ folks experience the same feelings, so hopefully I haven't offended anyone.


Originally Posted by Horace Kephart
You may attack a man’s courage, the flag he serves, the newspaper for which he works, his intellegence, or his camp manners, and he will ignore you; but if you criticise his patent water-bottle he will fall upon you with both fists.
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