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Mike, My friend that told me about the tracks must have been having a senoir moment too. I asked our waitress @ bubba's and their was a couple fisherman that worked there. They weren't aware of any tracks. She said tracks couldn't be layed there or it would have been settled alot earlier. Go figure.
As far as the Gros Ventre,it tore me up that I didnt get to fish it. On the way back I learned of the Buffalo Fork.Also we stayed @ togoweetee (spl) pass. Black rock creek was basically across the road from where we stayed. Well I went one evening to check it out and there were yellow sallies hatching with fish everywhere. I rushed back to the lodge and asked where a computer was so I could get my liscence. I couldn't get the web page to boot. Thats the closest I ever came to being a poacher.LOL. I went back and watched those fish feed for about a hour. I dreamed of dumb 10'' cutthroat that night.We left the next day.
We weren't really disappointed with anywhere we ate. Except the Pizza Hut in Cody where I promptly got food poisoning. Very pleased with Jackson Hole. A little expensive,but already planning on a trip back.
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