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Default Boulder Creek, CO

I have finally been able to get out and get some fishing in although I have stayed close to home thus far. I'm hoping to venture a bit further afield, perhaps starting as early as this weekend. My recent fishing has largely been on Boulder Creek in the canyon above the city of Boulder. The stream is small, especially in this dry year.

The first time I fished it was one evening last week. I made it out on the water by 7:00 or so, perhaps a little earlier. I drove until I stopped passing other fishermen and finally found a nice little steep canyon stretch all to myself.

A dry/dropper proved to be the ideal way to fish this creek and I went with a Parachute Adams in a rust color (lots of rusty spinners dancing above the water) with a soft hackle as the dropper. I started getting hits right away with most fish preferring the dropper. As the light faded, the fish started rising to the bounty of insects. I started catching more on the dry than the dropper.

Yesterday I made it back up again for a couple of hours. This time, the fish didn't really want the dropper but were begging for a dry fly. I went with a yellow Neversink Caddis since its easy to see and the fish weren't picky. Chunky browns would come out and hammer it from just about every dark little pocket and hole. None of the fish were large but all were beautiful...

"Then He said to them, 'Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.'" Matthew 4:19

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