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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I was a big Go Pro Advocate when they first came out and I have the HD Hero 2. I must say that I am not that big on it now. It is very rugged and shoots very good video at close distances. The fish eye is annoying and very unnecessary for 95% of my uses. The video (Mp4) is very hard to edit on a PC. I have to convert to avi to do most of my edits. Walmart has a nice Fuji in the $200 range that shoots great video and pictures underwater. I have two fishing buddies that have it and it is great. Hope this helps.

Most of the video and pictures in this movie were shot with the Fuji listed in the forum.
Shawn, this is the second time you have mentioned the camera vs. the GP. Done and done.

I will attempt Wednesday to start using the camera as a source for video as

you suggest. Your opinion is highly regarded by me. My only concern, how might the

camera be operated other than just being held in the hand. Remote, staff, pole?

Thank You Shawn - I will see you soon.

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