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Originally Posted by Breck View Post
Shawn, this is the second time you have mentioned the camera vs. the GP. Done and done.

I will attempt Wednesday to start using the camera as a source for video as

you suggest. Your opinion is highly regarded by me. My only concern, how might the

camera be operated other than just being held in the hand. Remote, staff, pole?

Thank You Shawn - I will see you soon.


This is one of the best tripods to carry for fly fishing. It is small enough to leave screwed in to the bottom of your camera. Although; I did lose one. They are super cheap and work great. I use it for still shots on rocks, night shots when the shutter speed is slow, filming underwater. The trick for underwater use is to bend one leg upstream and two legs downstream. Also; place a rock over the upstream leg to hold it in place. Then, just adjust your angle to make sure it is pointing in the correct area. I usually start my camera recording before I place it in the water and be mindful to not turn it off while installing.

Also; I have a Gorilla Tripod I use at times when I want to wrap it around tree branches or try different angles. It does not work as well under water.

I hope this helps. The GoPro is a great camera and I think you would enjoy it. However; the editing chores are excessive and hinder my productivity in using it. If you are a MAC guy; I think it would be less of a problem.

Also; I made a LED lit boom I use when filming from my boat. You can make a bi-pod or a boom very easily out of pvc tubing. Search YouTube for videos on how to make your own camera bi-pod. There are some nice plans for making great booms that work fabulous and super cheap.
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