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Originally Posted by AL trout bum View Post
Now that is a sweet brookie. We should start a thread of largest brookies caught in the park. I am curious to see what's out there and see what other's have caught.
I know on another fourm someone claimed to catch a 13".
Thay had a pic of what looked like a nice nine incher.

I doubt many people carry a tape such as myself. I believe we shocked up an 11" in Lynn Camp the Spring after the initial shocking. Those are probably optimal conditions

You can see my biggest above and it was 10 1/8

Now if we're talking Northern strain I caught a 15 incher on the Tuck delayed harvest, but I'm sure people have caught them alomost twice as big as that. The Tribal waters had a huge Pod of 25+" Brookies the first year they opened up the fly fishing only section
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