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Good question VarmitCounty; but shouldn't you ask it of everyone?

Perhaps there ought to be a "CLINCH COALITION"?

This might unite all the various stake holders. In Maine we formed the Kennebec Coalition to bring all the NGO stake holders together in an effort to remove the Edwards Dam.... a tough fight to restore a river but WE won!

Working together clearly works better than working alone; success comes with numbers of folks with a common dream and lots of resolve.

Government, Industry, TVA and others can be moved by a large group of concerned citizens.... a single person gets blown off but a constituency makes you powerful and difficult to ignore. You also need money; sometimes a lot of it. Most of all you need to have a group that leads by example because it demonstrates you care about the resource.

If you are hoping TU National will do something for you then you are fooling yourself... you must have a local grass roots effort before they will jump into your fight and even then their willingness or ability to help out may be limited by their own financial resources or other factors.

I seriously doubt there is enough resolve from enough people that any improvements to the Clinch River will happen any time soon; sad..
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