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Originally Posted by Breck View Post
I have a much smaller and lighter camp stove that actually fits into my palm and folds out into a great piece of cooking equipment. My go to cooking is still done on the the Coleman and the below canisters which are close to $ 5.00 ea.

Picked up the small connector at Cabelas and have filled up 10 of the smaller Coleman containers using my back up grill propane tank as the donor. As soon as you connect the green tank to the connector you will hear it fill and neutralize (now full), unscrew the green Coleman and refill another for pennies!!. My donor propane tank is still very full.

Just an idea, that I believe will save much especially if camping out of the car and use the tanks for cooking and lanterns.

Any other ideas would greatly be appreciated if shared.

Breck, refilling the green coleman canisters sounds great, not only from a money savings standpoint but from a conservation standpoint. I'm not a emotion-driven tree hugger, but from a practical standpoint it doesn't make sense to keep throwing those things out. Coleman devised some special caps to show the tank was depleted. This cap allowed the tanks to be accepted for recycling in some areas, but most areas ignored the cap and I haven't seen the caps in stores for a couple years now. Your reuse through refilling is even better IMO. I'm sure the refilling is discouraged if you check the label - but that is likely just to protect them from litigation. I'm going to pick up that adapter for my car camping trips.
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