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Originally Posted by NDuncan View Post
How do you protect the electronics/USB port (on the stove, not your equipment) from the inevitable moisture you will encounter in the smokies?
Hey Nduncan,

there is a rubber cover that is attached to the stove. It inserts into the USB port and then covers the area around it. While I certainly would not call it waterproof, I believe it would be really hard for water to get in there even in the rain. I am more concerned with water/moisture affecting the TEC unit, Fan motor, or circuit board. The top of the fan unit where the cooling fins and air intake stays open, but even there the design has a "lip" above it so that rain rolling off the side will likely drip to the ground instead of rolling down into the opening. I'm still thinking that humidity might get pulled in and long term could lead to an issue. All I have to say is the stove shows very thoughtful design everywhere else so I hope they have taken measures to mitigate moisture issues internally. I'll have to work really hard to avoid taking out the screws to check out the innards of the "orange thing".
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