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MY fillet knife was home, as are my pistols and I don't have a badge, nor do I work for the TWRA and my cell was in my truck AND there were at least a dozen who saw this guy.

When I mentioned it to some of the guys they said it happens all the time and that they caught no shortage of fish because of it.

I had never fished this spot before and likely won't again as it's too much like fishing a pond BUT there were easily 25 people fishing there and one would think it would be easy pickings for a TWRA guy to check them all out at 10 AM when they all headed to the parking lot. The guy in question had his catch in a bucket. There was another guy with two fish who was posing for pictures.

Get me a badge; I own the guns and we won't need any handcuffs as I have some 4/0 hooks.
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