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Varmit & Waterwolf

My question: Are you members of the Clinch River TU Chapter? If not why not?

I am a life member of TU and still technically a member of the Kennebec Chapter in Maine though I have lived here two years...

I would likely transfer my membership to the Clinch if someone invited me.

BTW... I do not have a "camera" in my phone or carry one fishing as I fall often while wading, fused right foot ankle.... easy to notice me as I carry a large aluminum wading staff that is also my only means of self-defense.

"Confronting" folks who violate the law is best left to Law Enforcement; I will not do their job for them if they don't care enough to be there. I have been the victim of violent crime and it changed my life in a bad way so I don't stir up the mud with people.... one of them might cause serious injury.... I would carry a freaking Glock as they are more water-proof but I would be embarrassed to be seen with one.

You guys wanna meet up next Saturday at the Clinch I bring guns for everyone and will make citizen's arrests on all the violators?
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