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Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Varmit & Waterwolf

My question: Are you members of the Clinch River TU Chapter? If not why not?

I am a life member of TU and still technically a member of the Kennebec Chapter in Maine though I have lived here two years...

I would likely transfer my membership to the Clinch if someone invited me.

BTW... I do not have a "camera" in my phone or carry one fishing as I fall often while wading, fused right foot ankle.... easy to notice me as I carry a large aluminum wading staff that is also my only means of self-defense.

"Confronting" folks who violate the law is best left to Law Enforcement; I will not do their job for them if they don't care enough to be there. I have been the victim of violent crime and it changed my life in a bad way so I don't stir up the mud with people.... one of them might cause serious injury.... I would carry a freaking Glock as they are more water-proof but I would be embarrassed to be seen with one.

You guys wanna meet up next Saturday at the Clinch I bring guns for everyone and will make citizen's arrests on all the violators?

I was one of the handful of people that founded the Clinch river chapter of TU eons ago.

This has NOTHING to do with TU.

Pentax and Olympus make excellent waterproof cameras, that are very affordable.

I understand not wanting to get directly involved by confrontation, that is not for the faint of heart. So the question remains why didn't you call when you got to your vehicle?

I have plenty of guns, and since I am in a boat 90% of the time, I am usually armed on the river.

Preaching about TU this and TU that is hollow rhetoric. All the regs, stream management, flow management, etc etc are completely worthless if the river is full of angler who poach and deplete the resource against posted rules.

Keep in mind, these people that poach are stealing from all the rest of us who buy licenses. If you knew someone was breaking into your neighbors house would you just look the other way?
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