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I am a member of the Little River Chapter.

Historically speaking, it has been my observance that you are quite the curmudgeon when it comes to points of opinion and discussion. Nothing at all against you or what you have done both on and for your home waters...for that you get my fullest support.

I agree that it is a much larger issue than just hugging up to the TU tree and feeling good because we picked up some trash, released our fish, and taught some kid how to cast a fly rod. This issue is perhaps more about the management of the people on the river more than the fish in the river. TWRA should without question be much more proactive on our waters. I don't think, with the one trip on the Nanatahala I have ever been "checked". Would not bother me at all to have my trip briefly interupted by an officer each time I went out.

Confrontation in the case of the river, is a defense mechanism of the ignorant. The taking of a licence plate number is admirable, but how many TWRA officers are going to knock on someones door because they kept two trout or so that were not legal? It simply must be an on stream encounter that is consistent, swift, and sure.

I entered into this discussion because I feel very strongly about bringing the Clinch back to its better days. I learned to fly fish on the Clinch, and still have friends who fish it more out of dedication and convenience than overall quality. It was also my fear that it would turn from an honest discussion to a heated argument and it seems that unless Paula so graciously intervenes again, it may turn that way again.

I think Shawn has brought up an very important issue, but I also think to myself, how many folks who read this are reading it just because "Waterwolf" is back on his sacred cow tipping soapbox again.

Intellect, organization, cooperation, and civility may not always work in war, or life for that matter, but when it comes to supporting the health of a pastime it is of utmost importance.
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