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Ducky; I was joking! Lighten up. Chances are if someone ain't shooting at me I'm not gonna shoot at them; never been to jail and don't plan on it.

Spose the wolf doesn't want me as a Clinch member.

I don't know where TWRA guys spend their time; perhaps at boat landings on the lakes. I have seen them many times around the Douglas landing near the dam and at Gator Point Marina when there was live music (about 4 of them) and fireworks.

Now speaking of weapons; what if the guys with illegal fish didn't like the tone of your voice or your attitude or your writing down their plate or taking their picture and took out a pistol then fired at you claiming "self-defense"? I do not have bullet proof waders or vest.... and any idiot (legal or not) can easily stick a Keltec 9 into his wading vest or beat you senseless with a tire iron.
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