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Originally Posted by Varmitcounty View Post
Confrontation in the case of the river, is a defense mechanism of the ignorant. The taking of a licence plate number is admirable, but how many TWRA officers are going to knock on someones door because they kept two trout or so that were not legal? It simply must be an on stream encounter that is consistent, swift, and sure.

I think Shawn has brought up an very important issue, but I also think to myself, how many folks who read this are reading it just because "Waterwolf" is back on his sacred cow tipping soapbox again.

You may feel that confronting poachers either directly or indirectly is a mechanism of the ignorant, but several other posters including me in this very topic believe it is a civic duty to report most crimes.

I could care less whether you or anyone else chooses to confront or give TWRA a call when you see poaching, it is a personal choice and an ethical decision which must be made by the individual.

However, coming here and whining or even participating in a conservation discussion when the easiest and most controllable aspect of conservation is ignored, makes even having this discussion a waste of time.

That is the point of the last few posts. I am not getting into the whole TU thing again, to each their own. But it is hard to claim to be concerned with the river when blatant law breaking is left unchallenged and unreported.

You can attack me if you feel froggy, but rest assured neither I nor anyone I know, which is a bunch, would let slide what you all did Saturday without a call to TWRA. You may call it a soap box or whatever, I believe it is right to stand up for the fishery and the law, and the future of the resource.

Originally Posted by Corbo View Post
Spose the wolf doesn't want me as a Clinch member.

Now speaking of weapons; what if the guys with illegal fish didn't like the tone of your voice or your attitude or your writing down their plate or taking their picture and took out a pistol then fired at you claiming "self-defense"? I do not have bullet proof waders or vest.... and any idiot (legal or not) can easily stick a Keltec 9 into his wading vest or beat you senseless with a tire iron.
Join if you wish, I am not active anymore because of reasons mentioned earlier which I will let rest at the request of Paula.

My heavens is all that needs to be said about the last paragraph.

I guess some people just don't understand that helping out TWRA with a simple 2 minute phone call is the right thing to do, and the chances of it escalating to a shootout or beating with a tire iron are right around zero.

Again, it is impossible to have a discussion about river conservation when the easiest and most controllabe aspect isn't stood up for when it occurs. Impossible.
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