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Originally Posted by g022271 View Post
Over the past 3 years that I have been flyfishing on the Clinch, which is nothing compared to the majority of the forum , when I have addressed the slot issue with a violator, I have mainly just asked them if they were aware of the slot limitations and all but a couple were unaware . I also let them know the reasons for the restriction and the fines that go along with it . I also let them know about cleaning the fish at the river and the violation of cutting off the head and/or the tail. I do it in an unaggressive attitude and try to not sound like a know it all, but that I am trying to save them from being fined. Like I said earlier, I have only been "rebuked" twice and did not feel endangered at the time. I hope this method makes sense in trying to do what is right, and if anyone has a better way or added ideas, I'm open.

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