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At one particular bridge over the stream, we discovered brook trout trying to jump the small falls as they headed upstream to spawn. It was like watching salmon migrating except they were brookies!!! After standing almost waist deep in the stream trying to photograph the spectacle, I was more than ready to get warm by resuming the hike upstream.

Another half a mile upstream was a cascades pouring down the hillside. A sign alongside the trail informed me that the stream above the cascades was open to catch and release fishing for Greenback cutthroat! Glancing in a small pool below the cascade, I noticed a fish that looked different from the brookies I had been catching. On the first cast the fish came up and ate I by the colors I knew it was my first Greenback!

Walking up the side of the mountain produced a few more. On the way back I fished below the cascade and added more as well.

The trip was definitely a success and now I'm extending my exploring goals further into the backcountry. Next weekend I'm considering a high country lake that requires a hike of several miles. Greenbacks are the goal along with some more brookies! Winter will be here soon so I have to take advantage of the nice weather while it holds...
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