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Originally Posted by g022271 View Post
Over the past 3 years that I have been flyfishing on the Clinch, which is nothing compared to the majority of the forum , when I have addressed the slot issue with a violator, I have mainly just asked them if they were aware of the slot limitations and all but a couple were unaware . I also let them know the reasons for the restriction and the fines that go along with it . I also let them know about cleaning the fish at the river and the violation of cutting off the head and/or the tail. I do it in an unaggressive attitude and try to not sound like a know it all, but that I am trying to save them from being fined. Like I said earlier, I have only been "rebuked" twice and did not feel endangered at the time. I hope this method makes sense in trying to do what is right, and if anyone has a better way or added ideas, I'm open.


Excellent approach Mike! Kudos and great job being an fishing ambassador!
I do think it is great to voice our opinions and to be heard. However; we must remember to keep our emotions in check. Emotions are what keep our court systems backed up. I do agree with Jim on contacting TWRA. They might not be able to get up and check the violation right away. But, the notices let them know of the activity and give them valid information on when and where to check in the future.

BTW; there is a man and woman the fish above Llewallyn Island most weekends and absolutely slay slot fish. I have found heads of large fish all over the bank from where they leave them. I hope they get checked the next time they walk back to their car with their cleaned fish.
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