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Originally Posted by old east tn boy View Post
For what it's worth, Ms. Annie and I were finishing up our float down the Clinch back in mid April, pulling into the Hwy. 61 launch and who do you think was pulled right down to the water's edge and standing there waiting for us to land? Yep, Mr. TWRA himself! Nice young fellow. We had about a 30 minute conversation about fishing and hunting. Plainly, I had been fishing as my gear was in full view in the kayak. He did not even mention a license but did ask where I had fished and what I used/caught. Go figure.
Many times the officers are trying to reach out to the public and make unbiased survey connections. As you could imagine; this takes a different approach for different types of people. I believe the presence of the officer in the area is the most effective deterrent to unlawful fishing/hunting practices.

One thing to note; I believe it costs TWRA more money in time/effort to issue tickets than they receive. Anderson County Courts get most of the ticket-court costs with just a handful of cash going to TWRA. Oh, the wonderful court system of Anderson County and Clinton.

I sure wish there was a no-harvest period for spawning fish. I would love to see more browns on the Clinch. I see this all the time. Here is a picture of eggs from this past weekend.
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