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I recently joined the East TN Stripped Bass Association; seemed most all of the fellow who attended the meeting wer5e totally catch & release on Stripers PARTICULARLY on the rivers.

A very nice fellow who guides all the tail-waters for stripers provided us with an awesome slide show and shared the techniques he uses to catch these awesome fish. All his clients are required to C & R but they can photo.

This guide mostly uses trout for bait; he buys them from a supplier in North Carolina and drives over there frequently to purchase his bait... he likes the 12 or more inches long and trolls on an electric motor with two sets of planner boards.... essentially he drags trout along the river bank until he hooks up. He uses 4/0 hooks.

My point is that he buys his bait trout and prefers them over all other baits as they are more durable than skipjack and other bait that perishes easily.

There are apparently a few bait dealers in the Knoxville region who sell live trout as bait and it is apparently legal but it seems most guides want a larger fish than what is commonly available at these dealers. The guide I spoke with has a huge tank in his boat and an enormous tank at home with chilled water.
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