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Your pictures are looking great! The others have pointed out some small adjustments that can be made. As AL trout bum mentioned, I carry a DSLR 99% of the time on the stream and that definitely makes a big difference. Having killed one by water damage, I will say that it can be a bit stressful to carry on the water.

As several others mentioned, the biggest thing with any camera is practice and experience. I shoot a lot outside of fishing as well and every little bit helps. I'm still nowhere near the quality of some photographers but as with everything, I'm improving with practice.

Some of my favorite pictures have been shot with a point and shoot. For some reason, I can shoot 10 shots of the same thing with a point and shoot and one will turn out beautifully while the others are not so great. With a point and shoot, volume tends to guarantee at least a few turn out better...

Turn off the flash as often as possible. Learn to hold your hand perfectly still even when pushing the shutter release..

I'm enjoying your reports and pictures. Keep it up so I can continue to enjoy the mountains I grew up fishing from afar!!!
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