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Originally Posted by waterwolf View Post
Why people can't understand that the weir is no joke in anything other than a boat designed for whitewater with an experienced person on the oars is beyond me.
I would say weir dams will still kill you, and there is no such thing as a boat designed to run them, or a person with skills that will always make a difference.

While the design of the Norris weir is quite forgiving (compared to most)leading many not to take it seriously, it is still a fine line between a successful and non successful run.

I have paddled whitewater for 13 years, and the only time I have ever felt in real danger was in the weir dam where Big Creek runs into the Pigeon. After being recirculated 3 or 4 times (Thank God I had Swiftwater rescue training) I was sure glad to see my pal MaryAnn throw me a rope and get me the heck out of there I now take-out above that rapid, and if I need more of an adrenaline rush I can always hike up the trail.

A Sad day for the Clinch and the guys family
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