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Originally Posted by 2weightfavorite View Post
very fishy..."off tail hiking" during murrel season i would believe it, right now not so much...well i suppose could be a ginsing issue..or perhaps some other leafed plant that people grow in the woods illegaly..
while it's the heart of Ginseng season, if it were a grow op, it would have been a much bigger story.

I hike off-trail all the time, as do many, MANY others. The only thing fishy about that is when I'm actually fishing, and one would be silly to infer that one would only be off-trail only for questionable activities.

Hiking(tons of manways), Peak Bagging, Historical finds, and many of the Smokies best features are all off-trail

Looks like you should have to suffer through a few Mike Maples videos for redemption:
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