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Originally Posted by cockeye valdez View Post
sounds like you have more experience than I do with streamers and buggers. I will give it a try and see how it works. I'd be happy to fish with you, I'm recovering from back fusion and am only able to fish about 2 hours per trip but am making progress and look forward to more time when I go.

I hope to give your bugs a try this Saturday. Most of my experience has been on the So. Ho. but I live here and want to learn the Clinch more. I will say the quality of the fish on the Clinch exceeds the quality of fish on the So.Ho. I don't often have Mondays off but maybe I can swing something.

I've been known to fish a streamer or two. Let us know how you do with the buggers. Hate to hear about your back. I had some achilles problems Last winter and missed a bunch of fishing. If you find some time we'll go.
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