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Default Thanks guys,

Corbo, you and Lynn are very helpful. I sling a copperhead nymph that is very similar to a quasi-moto I sling up north but never considered trying it on the Clinch. The copperhead is tied with a cock-de-leon tail, very small d-rib, dubbing, flash (tinsel) and partridge front legs. I have had good success on the Clinch with it but not much lately.
I will try a quasi this week and hopefully I can tie up some bugger like Lynn described.

Thanks also for the encouragement about staying in the water. I average 45 trips a year, this year my next will 26. I understand how fortunate I am to get that many trips in and will not complain.

I'd like to hook up with you and Lynn. I'm a member of Clinch T.U. and will be attending the meeting this week. Either of you belong ? Maybe we could hook up for a beverage and talk about the Clinch.

When I am fully recovered, I plan to go back to the So.Ho. and am happy to have pals.

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