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Originally Posted by white95v6 View Post
ok i get what you are trying to do and its great.heck i like to catch big trout too.

but maybe we should stop/ban fishing for all bass during the spawn? crappie,walleye,etc,etc.

but why are we being soo dang protective over a non-native fish.
Basically, it is like hunting deer with spotlights. Or it is like hunting elk in comparison to deer-based on economy of scale in regards to habitat and specie.
  • The fish are extremely vulnerable to dying when caught (exhaustion, decreased protective instincts, etc.).
  • Yes, there is a nil chance that their spawning efforts may be successful. However; it is a thoughtful step in promoting the effort made by this fish.
  • Also; I find it less sportsmanlike to exploit a fish at its most naive state of natural behavior.
Also; most of the fish fly fisherman target are non-native. So; we must promote conservation, education, activism, etc. to ensure that there will continue to be a productive habitat to fish.

Additionally; brown trout are an extreme minority on the Clinch Tailwater and others. Their protection is crucial to their promotion as a sporting species.
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