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Introduce yourself sometime to me on the river. I look like Brad Pitt but I am older, fatter, poorer, and drive an old Chevy truck. Come to think of it maybe I look like his grandfather!

Do a couple of things for me and see if this helps.......and I don't mean to be sarcastic....but generally fishing woes can be cured easily and without narcotics or antibiotics. I'm not saying you do this BUT these are observation from an old fart, and old farts can teach you, if you listen.

1. No more than two backcast PERIOD
2. Learn to tie a nail knot instead of that silly loop on loop crap that slaps the water as it enters, or beg Dragline on here for one of his homemade woven leaders. Taper your leaders. I have seen guys fishing 1x with a 6x tippet of only a foot attached! Do you think Jordon got good at games? practice your casting.
3. Make your leaders a minimum of 12 ft.. Add length as you gain control.
4. Save up your money and get rid of those TN orange or yellow flylines or anything else that I or a trout can see for 50 yards away! That includes your hat, shirts, etc
5. Enter the water carefully and watch a blue heron for about 5 min....learn to stalk your "run" thinking there is a fish in there. Don't march up to it and start casting away. Google ... lateral line
6. Seek darker water. Between the rocks, runs, and above all else the bass fisherman's dream.......structure.
7. 6x is your friend with nymphs, your enemy with streamers...4x there.
8. Pull up grass and learn what the grocery store has to offer the trout.
9. NEVER EVER line a fish in calm slack water. Fish downstream if you have to. Short cast, then strip and wiggle excess line out to present the fly in a steady state float.
10. If these don't work......well then just curse and blame it on the moon, weather, or stripers! These are fish, they have a brain, although small it still has millions of neurons which are faster than this piece of crap I am typing on!

Tip of the day........#16-18 gray Craneflies on the lower Clinch yesterday were hatching. Check out an old book by Dave Whitlock..Guide to Aquatic Trout Foods.

I also saw two sulphurs hatching.....going to be a lonely night for those fellows! Never show up to a party late, all the pretty girls are taken!
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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