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Originally Posted by donwinn View Post

How is Colorado - other than fishing? I know fishing is good from your posts!

I caught him on a hopper. He was hugging the bank in pretty heavy current, and I could not move him at first. The guide could not stop the boat due to the current so I really thought I would loose him. I turned the rod to the side to try and move his head and was successful. He then followed us downstream until we found a place to stop the boat and get out. I was very happy to finally get him in the net.

Don't you let those people out there corrupt you. There are too many imports from the crazy states.
Don, I'm enjoying it out here a lot. Not sure if I'll stay indefinitely but do see myself enjoying it for a few years at least. TN is still home so will probably end up that way sometime. Loving the mountains out here a lot...not the same as the Smokies but spectacular in their own way...

Great story on the big fish! That's a good way to get your heart racing when you have a fish that size on in a heavy current. Good job keeping cool and landing that fish!
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