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Originally Posted by William View Post
Well I finally caught a break between my work schedule and the super-busy generation schedule, and I woke up early to hit the Clinch Tuesday Morning. I was the third car in the Miller's parking lot, so I got pretty excited. I've never seen the Clinch so vacant, I guess because the generators were supposed to kick on at 9.

Anyway, I waded down to one of the better spots that I normally hit.

I started using a BHPT under an indicator. 10-15 minutes in, and I had missed one or two strikes. Digging around in my box, I realized I didn't have my midge patterns. I only had a couple of Princes and Tellico patterns. Although I've never fished a dry at Sunrise, I figured there was nothing to lose.

Caught this little guy after only a couple of casts. I knew I was on to something. Another two or three casts later, I hooked up with a little bigger rainbow and brought him in. I tried to take a picture, when...

OOPS. Not only did the fish get away undocumented, I dropped my phone in the water.

A quick trip to walmart for a bag of rice and freezer bags, and 48 hours later, my phone is working again. In celebration, I thought I would share my little excursion that got cut short.
One of my favorite times to fish dries. They work fabulous in that area and it is so much fun to see the takes.

As for the phone. I have ruined an insane amount of phones and cameras on the river. The best thing to fix them is getting the battery out ASAP and spraying compressed air throughout. Then; put them in a sunny spot on your dash. Be mindful to put the LCD screen down and make sure the camera eye is covered with something as well. The key is drying them out quickly. Most electronics are pretty hardy when it comes to a quick splash in water. I have discovered most of my problems involve the LCD frame starts to rust and causes the LCD not to excite when activated. Also; some of the ribbon contacts rust and jump connections; causing a fault. Many times you can clean these with an erasure and reinstall.
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