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Originally Posted by William View Post
Can you give specific examples of how fish are mishandled?

Sure and there are plenty of pictures around as examples.

Laying a caught fish on a dry moss covered rock removes it's slime and is considered poor handling.

Using cotton net bags now that rubber net bags have become available, can now be considered poor handling.

Laying a fish in the bottom of a boat for a picture is most certainly poor handling.

I have seen tons of pics in the last few months of fish that are covered in leaves, sticks, and moss which is certainly not indicative of proper handling.

The other incidents have occurred in front of me, dropping fish in the bottom of the boat, grabbing them under their gills to lift, snatching or "popping" the fly out of a fishes mouth etc etc.

I don't care if someone wants to keep fish, but if the intent is to release, than learn how to properly catch and release a fish, and a picture isn't always conducive to proper release when a person is alone.
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