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Originally Posted by Scott H. View Post
Just making a point about your comment that people should do what they want.
Doing what you want is not always beneficial. I think that Shawn was giving some advice on what would be beneficial to to the ecosystem.


And my point is that the concept of "Liberty" which we all espouse as Americans (I hope) is the idea that we are free from arbitrary rules, etc. What Shawn wants to do is fine for Shawn, however if I want to do things differently I'm well within my rights. In some cases even the game laws we have are rather poor. For instance, the 20 inch limit on smallmouth in the Pigeon River system is the most arbitrary thing I've ever seen. The people that live along the river sure didn't push for that. Guides pushed for it selfishly. I frankly believe that people that want to fish for and keep a limit of 10-15 iinch smallmouth should be able to do it as they've always done.

It's foolish to try to push our ideas on others. If you can change someone's mind that's fine, but if you can't, let it go.
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