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I am 100% with Wolf on this one. You can try to take the poetic zen "river runs through it" viewpoint of the Clinch if you choose, but honestly, it is a put and take river...and in some cases, not even a very good put and take river at that. If we had a naturally reproducing species in the Clinch I would be more inclined to leave them alone when they are doing their thing, but the fact remains that we do not have that situation. I have read numerous thread, and have a very dear friend who talks about the Clinch as if it were the Madison. Sorry. It is a 100% hatchery supported recreational river. Having said that, if you do catch a trout, and you plan on putting it back, think about what you are doing. As I said, I am 100% with Wolf on this one. People taking pictures of average sized fish in poses that are certain to do damage is not a good choice. I have a rule of thumb. Unless it is totally unavoidable, I will do my best to not even take the trout out of the water, and the only fish I will take a photo of is one that tops a personal best. I would have to land a 25 inch bow, 28 inch brown, 14 inch brookie, 18 inch cut, or 42 inch laker before I would ever go for the camera and even then I will not dump this creature in a situation that will kill it.

....dear God....I can't believe I am on Waterwolfs side....LOL
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