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Originally Posted by rockhopper View Post
hey 4x sorry about the loss of that poor scud. My wife would like to make dinner for you during this sad time.

I remember the time I killed that stonefly dang near broke my heart! Hey like you said this morning we should set up camp down by the confluence of Clear Creek.
Could she cook me some trout between 14"-21"? They're best.
Also- I'll be fishing next to the waterwheel if your on clear creek soon.
Also- That nymph you killed had full potential to become an egg- laying adult!
Also- You need to drop your felt soles and switch to temper-pedic ones.
Also- There were WAY too many people fishing at 6:45am this morning!
Y'all need to get a very fast bass boat and hit Loudon instead.
Most crowded I've seen the river in 82yrs. of fishing it.C'mon feb.!

Seriously, like Wolf and M. Boats said, take it easy on the trout, they're my precious babies!

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