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The bottom line is that regulations are worthless without enforcement.Period. Enforcement, like it or not starts with the law abiding anglers paying attention. We all understand that there are not enough TWRA personnel to be everywhere at once. Confrontation is not really the way to go here, but at least report it to the authorities. I fished the Hiwassee a lot for years, and I saw a lot of poachers in the trophy section at that time. I would watch from a distance and eventually let them know I was there. This was mostly before I had a cell phone, but I would always call TWRA AND REPORT IT!! I look forward to this time of year to fish some of the DH streams in North Carolina, but the past few years it seems that the poachers have had there way with it and it's sort of lost its appeal to me. Badges? We don't need no stinkin badges. just make a phone call and let someone know it's happening.....
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