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Blue Raider...don' t you mostly fish the Caney? The Clinch goes unpoliced. Every poacher for three states goes there! Why our boys are over on Norris with jet skis watching the pretty girls from Ohio riding around in their ski boats and not worrying about some stinky fisherman keeping slot fish.

The wardens in Maine did have pride in their resources, these guys, I'm not so sure they care about the Clinch. How else does a guy fish there for over 25 years and NEVER get checked?

I wish TN would do what happened to my father in PA when I was a kid. We were visiting PA and of course my Dad didn't buy a license and was fishing. Rules were not made for him by the way. Anyway an undercover warden that was fishing as the time saw him do something wrong and he got caught, fined, and it was a huge mess. Made a lasting impression on me! It would be great to have a warden be able to fish and work at the same time on the tailwaters here in TN. Once that word got out this BS would stop. Maybe add a $2.00 surcharge/tax to fish tailwaters like migratory birds to pay for some warden to work and fish on Saturdays. Just to see these bums busted I would pay $50 bucks for the entertainment. So yeah, my Dad was a bum too for fishing without a license at the time before anyone chimes in.
I am a great admirer of spectator sports, especially on television; it keeps the riffraff off the trout streams.
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