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I agree with the "report them if ya see them" part. One other thing to consider, let's say they write me a $200 ticket for not having a life jacket, if they don't show up for court, the judge will probably toss it, if they do show, they'll collect less than $20 for the fine with the rest going to court cost, in the meantime, the poachers probably know the court dates(go figure) & that's when they go fishing.
A warden on one stream i fish has told me if i see something really, really, really breaking the law to call him, otherwise, if he goes to court over a few fish over the limit, or one to big or small, it's another day he won't be patrolling
Heck, maybe ya'll will get lucky & have a few canoe/kayak rental places open up there, the poachers can take a backseat to that mayhem.

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