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Originally Posted by MadisonBoats View Post
I find it sad that many men go all their lives and never truly take advantage of an opportunity to show their intellect, courtesy, social endowments, and goodness to a cause!

That's cool. As long as you and wolf aren't talking about me (with refrain in listing the reasons).
Incidentally, a friend of mine of caught a bow bursting with eggs this weekend. So, the spawn is on, whatever the ramications. No, he wasn't near a redd.
BTW- I'm not so sure the clinch bows/browns aren't creating baby trout.
Also, don't forget, there is a sub-topic on this board aimed specifically at those wanting to learn/teach about fishery management and biology.
Everybody that's going to fish during the spawn should spend the xtra $ on Seaguar tippet so they can get the trout in the rubber net as soon as possible (Seaguar doesn't break). Quicker the better!
Let's hear more about eagles, newbies asking questions, and fun days fishing on this sub-topic.

Now' I'm going to walk down and feed and hug my Canadian geese.
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