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Originally Posted by Joe Congleton View Post
As a matter of information a biologist who has done entomological identification in more detail than anyone for a span of about thirty plus years on the Clinch has never found any BWO in any stage on the Clinch in any of his sample points on the tailwater. This is evidence based on insects "keyed " under magnification of adult stage. That is the only way to correctly ID a species. mAny

Many people talk about BWO ( and some even publish hatch charts showing BWO )in Clinch tailwater but scientific evidence does not support the BWO presence in the tailwater below Norris dam Fwiw.
I have witnessed BWOs on the Clinch and they are rare. I respect the conclusion and clarity that an educated biologist can add to keying bugs. However; it is imperative to sample the river often and during all the different climate patterns on the river to truly have a clear view of the bug diversity. Additionally; I have reviewed many of the sample reports from biologists and the sample dates range from months to years. Clearly indicating huge voids of time that may have different species hatching.

To hear a true biologist or scientist say NEVER or NOT would surprise me as it would be unsuitable to the ideal of science. Most would say have not been documented or supported as of yet.
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