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I love my Big Agnes Fly Creek 2. Although I use it as a solo tent. While it is very light weight, I don't believe durability will be much of an issue with just a tiny bit of care. If I was getting one as a 2 person I would get the Fly Creek 3. If you want an extra door and another vestibule then get a Copper Spur. Look for sales or even used as they are quite pricy. I was able to get my Copper Spur 4 (family backpacking) through Steep and Cheap at less than 1/2 price shipped. My fly creek I used my 20% off coupon from out school coupons at local outfitter. Used ones can be found on fourms at white blaze, and backpacking light. Also backcountry is having a sale right now that anything they have on sale you can get for 50% MSRP so that might be an o-ption for some tents also. Plus don't forget GoLite. They now sell all their gear through their website and their stores. While you can no longer find it at REI, you can now pay what REI did for the gear. My buddy just got a 3 person tent from them, and they run some awesome deals week to week. And yes those tarp tents are pretty sweet too. While I'm not brave enough to be a tarp guy, those tarp tents are worth the look. And all the BA tents allow you to set up just fly and floor for even more weight savings when bugs, or extreme weather are not to be expected

Hope that helps
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