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i find it amazing that some of you have never been checked on the clinch. i ran into ranger smith a few weeks ago just above peach orchard. he checked my brother in law, and asked for mine. he never looked at it once he remembered me from our last encounter, when i was raising **** at him over all the dying brown trout on the weir dam last november. that was the second time in 12 months, third in two years. i have run into him twice @ PO, and once near the weir. i know he fishes the clinch for trout, because he told me the fishing doesn't get good until the shoals below PO an on down. he was leaving the same time as we were, and even helped me get my truck unstuck ('cause i parked like an idjit, i'll admit it) however i can agree that i do not see him often enough. i once heard there were only 2 or 3 rangers for all of anderson county. anyone know if this is true?
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