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There are specific reasons why certain bugs thrive in certain rivers. If a certain type of bug can thrive in the Clinch; then, it will mostly be present in the Clinch. However; I do believe there are some anomalies and climate related factors.

I my opinion; the most important factor in the Clinch's biological make up is
PH factor that many callously dissuade. Ignoring man-made influences; the PH factor is dictated by the geological make up of the watershed and riverbed. The geological substrate acts as a filter and non-filter in certain areas of E. TN. Additionally; TN is a Karst topography zone and has numerous caves and sinkholes that pass through limestone systems. Much of the rock structures that have been mined pass through these underground streams and mix with other rock structures that make them caustic and create higher PH levels. Slight differences in PH can greatly influence the entomological make up of a river.

So; by looking at a map of geological substrate and overlaying it with a particular river system; one can generally see differences in PH influences.

Sample link to academic study to illustrate idea:
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