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Originally Posted by Flat Fly n View Post
OK, no more cig jokes.........

Personally I think it is the generation schedules on the Clinch that hurts.
S. Holston has much less inflow and therefore less outflow as the Clinch. It's not uncommon for a one hour pulse on the S. Holston to maintain minimal flow and DO. It is however UNCOMMON on the Clich for anything less than 8 or more hours of 6-7K CFS flow, everyday, secondary to the massive amount of drainage areas the two rivers behind Norris control, especially in a normal to wet season. My two cents on why reproduction/spawing to adult natives is sparse at best.

Serious enough?
Okay, then explain how naturally sustaining populations of rainbows/browns occur in free flowing rivers that suffer much greater flow fluctuations than the Clinch ever could?

How does little river support a wild population? During the rainbow spawn the flows on that river are generally high.

In addition, areas where most of the redds will be found, will be areas of deeper gravel, these areas are not subjected to the heavy flows that the remainder of the river is, hence the presence of a smaller substrate which would easily be scoured during high flows if it were in an area where current flows were heavy.

Come on Phil, give it another shot This is a trick question BTW.
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